10 Lines on Aim of Life to Become a Doctor

10 Lines on Aim of Life to Become a Doctor

10 Lines on Aim of Life to Become a Doctor

1. Ambition is very important. Everybody should have an ambition in life.

2. The ambition of my life is to become a doctor.

3. There are so many types of doctors like eyes and heart specialists. But I want to become a surgical doctor this job is my favorite one.

4. I admire the medical profession, I have a sharp memory, problem-solving skills, and also I score well in a science subject, therefore, I decided to become a doctor.

5. The life of a doctor is very noble and satisfactory. The doctor is the lifesaver. Doctors give hope to peoples.

6. He will help ill people everywhere and at any time. Doctors are the much-respected person in society.

7. It means service to humanity, help to needy and love for mankind to serve people is to serve God.

8. If I became a doctor the treatment will be free for the needy peoples.

9. I know that becoming a doctor is very difficult. It will take a long journey but I have the confidence to achieve the target.

10. There is a greater need for health care in ruler areas. As a doctor, I shall this motto that “Service is before self”.

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