10 Lines on Eid ul Fitr

10 Lines on Eid ul Fitr

10 lines on Eid ul Fitr

1. Muslims celebrate Eid Ul Fitr after the holy month of Ramadan.

2. Eid ul Fitr is the first day of Islamic Month Shawwal.

3. Eid Ul Fitr is also called sweet eid and Festival of Breaking Fast.

4. People go to Eid Prayer in the morning.

5. In this Prayer, Muslims pray for the entire world to stay in peace.

6. People love to visits their relative, friends and neighbours.

7. On this day, the whole family and community come together.

8. People help those in need and the poor.

9. People make Delicious food and desserts at home and enjoy them with their families.

10. Children enjoy this festival a lot. They get money from their elders called Eidi.

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