10 Lines on Endangered Animal

10 Lines on Endangered Animal

10 Lines on Endangered Animal or Few Lines on Endangered Animal

1. An endangered animal is those animals that are at risk of extinction because of a sudden rapid decrease in their population or a loss of their critical habitat.

2. Asian elephant, Siberian tiger, Leatherback sea turtle, Snow Leopards are critically endangered animal.

3. There are many reasons why animals are endangered. One reason is that People hunt these animals illegally.

4. They illegally hunt them for their teeth and skin.

5. The second reason is the limited space, as we keep taking the land from the animals.

6. Another reason is that there are only a few mature individuals.

7. We can easily support endangered animals by recycling, reduce and reuse method.

8. We can plant the tree for those animals that live on trees.

9. We can also support those organizations that help these animals.

10. There are hundreds of ways that you can protect our planet.

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