10 Lines on Internet or Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet or Uses and Abuses of Internet

10 Lines on Internet

10 Lines on Internet or Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet or Uses and Abuses of Internet

1. An international system of communication through connecting computers and websites is called the internet.

2. Famous encyclopedias and dictionaries are available on the internet. The information about science, economics, sociology, philosophy, religion, geography, geology, cosmology, famous personalities, etc can be received through the internet.

3. Business information is available on the internet. Most of the business organizations sell their products through the internet.

4. The Internet provides chat services by which people exchange their ideas and thoughts, thus the solution to many problems can be discovered by the exchange of ideas and thoughts.

5. Many job opportunities and the procedure of acquiring a specific job in a particular field can be searched by using the internet.

6. Many bank transactions now can be done through the internet.

7. The misuse of the internet can be proved harmful. Most of the students, young boys and girls use chat services for useless talking, thus they waste their precious time using the internet.

8. Youngsters wasting their time searching for new movies, music, pictures, love quotations and other kinds of material of entertainment which doesn’t give any benefit.

9. Many criminals prostitute launched their websites on the internet, thus they organize their activities and do their business successfully.

10. It is necessary to cultivate awareness. If the internet is used with awareness it has many advantages as compared to its disadvantages.

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