10 Lines on Leadership

10 Lines on Leadership

10 Lines on Leadership

1. A leader is a person who leads others. The superior position which a person enjoys as a leader of his followers is called leadership.

2. Any and every person cannot be a leader. The leaders should own outstanding qualities by which he may win the respect and unquestioned faith of his followers.

3. The leader has a strong personality and he is superior to his followers in the quality of head and heart for instance, he superior to them in education, intellect, thinking, courage and character.

4. He should earn so much of their confidence that is advised as to what to do and what not should be accepted as gospel truth by them.

5. A true leader must be Nobel and generous he should be outspoken and honest.

6. His motive should be always fair unbiased and clear whatever kind of leader he maybe he should have the welfare of his followers always at heart.

7. He should have no personal thought and never utilize his followers either directly or indirectly for the fulfillment of his personal ends.

8. Any education or training cannot make one a leader.

9. He is gifted with the qualities of leadership by God.

10. Leadership cannot be acquired. It comes from within.

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