10 Lines on Library or My School Library

10 Lines on Library

10 Lines on Library or My School Library

1. The library is a house of books. It is a place where a huge amount of books available for reading.

2. Every school should have a library.

3. The library has a positive impact on the academic performance of the students.

4. The readers can peacefully read books there and also borrow it from the librarian.

5. There are so many books that you can find in there such as fiction, non-fiction books, reference books, literature books, General Knowledge books, books in a series, and etc.

6. Education and the library are correlated with each other.

7. Education is gaining knowledge and the library is the source and storehouse of knowledge.

8. It plays a very essential role in meeting the growing needs of people in literacy.

9. The library is an important part of the educational system.

10. Everyone should go to the library.

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