10 Lines on My Garden

10 Lines on My Garden

10 Lines on My Garden

1. A garden is the most beautiful part of the house according to me where anyone can take a break from the daily monotonous life.

2. I have a very beautiful garden in front of my house.

3. There are so many beautiful flowers in my garden such as Roses, Orchids, lilies and sunflower.

4. My garden has different vegetables growing in them. For example tomato, carrots, sweet potato, cauliflower, bell pepper, etc.

5. My garden has grass all over the area which makes it the best place to exercise.

6. I and my grandfather water the plants every day. My grandfather is a great nature lover.

7. My garden is my favourite part of the house. I can spend so many hours in my garden without getting bored.

8. My garden has swing too which is my favourite. I and my sibling enjoy swinging in every evening.

9. Most of our neighbours converted this area into car parking so the gardens are no more present in the house.

10. But we choose to convert this land into a beautiful garden. Gardens in the houses are necessary. In order to lead a peaceful life, a garden plays a major role.

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