10 Lines on My Pet Dog

10 Lines on My Pet Dog

10 Lines on My Pet Dog

1. My pet dog’s name is Tommy.

2. He’s a three-year-old German shepherd dog with a massive build and a brown color.

3. He is affectionate toward our family yet hostile against strangers.

4. No one dares to approach our house at night, and he protects us.

5. German Shepherds are also ideal sniffer dogs because they are loyal, obedient, and clever.

6. Tommy is a strong warrior but he is also friendly.

7. He chases away all the stray dogs who seem to find their way into our home.

8. Running, playing, leaping, and other physical activities make him happy, and he dislikes sitting still.

9. Tommy is extremely protective of us and will fight anyone who attempts to harm us.

10. Playing with Tommy is always fun, and everyone likes playing with him, particularly my younger brother.

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