10 Lines on My School

10 Lines on My School

10 Lines on My School

1. I go to Islamia High School to study.

2. Our school is constructed in the open, away from the city’s pollution, noise, and smoke, and it is very beautiful.

3. Right at the entrance to my school, there are two lovely gardens.

4. Our school has one science lab as well as a large library. Any student can borrow books from the library.

5. Our school has about 20 classrooms, as well as a principal’s office and a clerk’s office.

6. The school has about 30 teachers, all of whom are exceptionally educated and work very hard.

7. Our school’s principal is the master hand. He is very strict when it comes to discipline.

8. Every week, our school has excellent preparations for sports, debates, and scouting.

9. Our school has the best results not only in the city but also in the district.

10. It is the most outstanding of all schools. I truly love my school.

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