10 Lines on Summer Vacations

10 Lines on Summer Vacations

10 Lines on Summer Vacations

1. Vacation means freedom from any activity.

2. It is a period of rest and freedom from work, study, etc.

3. Summer vacation is a fun time for students.

4. Summer vacations are the perfect time to relax and have fun with everyone.

5. Summer vacation is the happiest time for all students to have a lengthy break from school and practice.

6. The teacher often sends some holiday tasks to students because that will make them more active so they are not totally away from learning.

7. Summer vacation is a quality time of the year for the children.

8. They can enjoy this quality time with their parents, friends.

9. Last summer holidays, my family planned to go to MURREE hills.

10. The memories of that trip had been inscribed in our minds as well as in our spirit.

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