10 Lines on Tiger

10 Lines on Tiger

10 Lines on Tiger

1. Tiger counts in the categories of carnivorous mammal. It belongs to the cat family.

2. Two major subspecies of the tigers are the Siberian tiger and the Bengal tiger.

3. It is a wild animal and found in a dense forest.

4. Tiger is brown in color with black strips which make him very beautiful. It has a long tail and its body is big and strong.

5. Tigers are also found in white color. They are from a new breed. They look so giant and beautiful.

6. It is a very cruel and ferocious animal.

7. Tiger runs very fast. It has the ability to climbs trees. It runs about 80 to 85 km/h and jumps up to 7ft to 8ft.

9. It is very keen on fresh flesh. It has four feet and very sharp teeth which help him to hunt other animals such as deer, zebra, etc.

10. In India, tiger killing is prohibited because it is an Indian national animal. It is a worldwide known or his physical strength and courage.

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