10 Lines on Winter Season

10 Lines on Winter Season

10 Lines on Winter Season

1. Winter in my country lasts from December to January and February.

2. The weather is cloudy on some winter days, but it is bright on the majority of days.

3. Where I live, winter is a really festive season.

4. The days are shorter in the winter, and the nights are longer.

5. During the winter, my mother always cooks hot chocolate for me.

6. In the winter, the winds are strong, cold, and icy.

7. I sweat less in the winter, so I feel more active.

8. At the beginning of winter, my mother brings out woollen clothing and blankets to keep us safe.

9. Over the winter, several rare birds can be seen.

10. I love the winter season because it allows my friends and me to play in the snow.

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