10 Lines on World Environment Day

10 Lines on World Environment Day

10 Lines on World Environment Day

1. World environment day comes on 5th June every year.

2. The first world environment day was celebrated in 1974.

3. It is people’s day for doing something to protect the environment.

4. World Environment Day comes annually with a new theme which assigned by the United Nations.

5. Issues like pollution, biodiversity, global warming are the main focus on World Environment Day.

6. The main motive is to show that when people work united for a noble cause, results will be positive.

7. The day also raises issues like food waste, crop yield and water shortages.

8. On this day instead of driving and travelling in a car, we should use public transportation and carpool.

9. We should abandon the use of plastic.

10. We should shift to recyclable products, buying those products and encouraging others also to purchase them.

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