ISRO Full Form – What Does ISRO Stand For

ISRO Full Form – What Does ISRO Stand For?

ISRO Full Form – What Does ISRO Stand For?

The full form of ISRO is the “Indian Space Research Organization”.

In detail, the ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organization. The Indian National Space Science Committee (INCOSPAR) was founded in 1962 by Jawaharlal Nehru under the DAE (Atomic Energy Department) in response to the scientist Vikram Sarabhai’s immediate recognition of the need for space research. INCOSPAR was created by DAE in 1969 and later renamed ISRO.

The Chairman of ISRO is Shri. A.S Kiran Kumar. It is one of the largest organizations all over the world. This organization develops satellite products, applications and tools for the country for like as communication, broadcast, geographic information, weather forecasts, systems, telemedicine, distance education satellites, etc.

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