UPS Full form - What does UPS Stand For

UPS Full form – What does UPS Stand For

UPS Full form – What does UPS Stand For

The Full form of UPS is the “Uninterruptible Power Supply”.

In Detail, UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is a source of the power supply system. UPS has an inbuilt battery and this battery is used to supply power in the absence of a primary source or when the supply of power is cut off.

A UPS could keep a machine running for a few minutes, allowing you enough time to save all of your data so that it is not lost. Many UPSs now include software that saves your data and shuts down your computer automatically. The size of the batteries is also an important consideration in the selection of UPS systems.

Types of UPS System:

There are two types of UPS systems, which are discussed further below.

1. Online UPS:

An online UPS is a continuous power supply source that provides power from its inverter without interruption. It has two big drawbacks: the first is that it is more costly than standby UPS, and the second is that it includes a cooling fan that makes a lot of noise.

2. Backup or Standby Power Supply

When the electricity is switched off, the standby power supply, also known as an offline UPS, switches into the battery in a matter of milliseconds. During that time, there is no power supply in the PC. This kind of source is most often found in a computer or office supply store.

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