What Does HTTP Stand For Full Form of HTTP

Full Form of HTTP, What Does HTTP Stand For?

What Does HTTP Stand For or Full Form of HTTP?

The short answer is, HTTP is an abbreviation for “HyperText Transfer Protocol”.

In detail, HTTP is an abbreviation for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is the underlying protocol used by the World Wide Web (www). HTTP is the protocol, in which information is sent from a user’s web browser to the website they are visiting.

HTTPS Meaning

At the beginning of every website URL in your web browser’s address bar, you see it, but what exactly is it? The full form of HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is the primary protocol that is used to send data between a web browser and a website.

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, HTTPS is encrypted in order to increase the security of data transfer. HTTPS connections use TCP port 443.

Http Vs Https

HTTP is unsecured HTTPS is secured
HTTP sends data over port 80HTTPS uses port 443
HTTP operates at the application layerHTTPS operates at the transport layer
No encryption in HTTPIn HTTPS the data is encrypted before sending

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