10 lines on If I Were The Principal of My School

10 lines on If I Were The Principal of My School

10 lines on If I Were The Principal of My School

1. On becoming the principal first and foremost I shall make my school a model of discipline and order.

2. I shall insist on making games and some sort of physical exercise compulsory for all students.

3. I will have an amazing library at my school. It is full of the works of all the famous authors of all countries.

4. I will organize extracurricular activities. I believe that you learn as much outside the classes as inside them.

5. I would like to discourage extravagance and encourage plain living and high thinking.

6. I shall like to give moral education to every student. Moral education is necessary to make the students better, visor, happier and noble.

7. My attitude to my colleagues will be kind, polite and firm.

8. I am a very hard taskmaster so I do not spare anyone because I do not spare myself

9. I will be extremely considerate not to hurt the feeling of my subordinates

10. I will treat my colleagues as a friend in terms of equality and this is what I will do if I become the principal of a college.

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