10 Lines

10 Lines on My Family or My Home

10 Lines on My Family

1. My name is Ali. I am 12 years old.

2. In my family, there are 8 members. I have three brothers and two sisters younger than myself while two sisters and one brother are my elders.

10 Lines on Tiger

10 Lines on Tiger

1. Tiger counts in the categories of carnivorous mammal. It belongs to the cat family.

2. Two major subspecies of the tigers are the Siberian tiger and the Bengal tiger.

10 Lines on Internet or Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet or Uses and Abuses of Internet

10 Lines on Internet

1. An international system of communication through connecting computers and websites is called the internet.

2. Famous encyclopedias and dictionaries are available on the internet. The information about science, economics, sociology, philosophy, religion, geography, geology, cosmology, famous personalities, etc can be received through the internet.

10 Lines on An Ideal Student

10 Lines on An Ideal Student

1. Student life is a temporary period of man’s life but it played a vital role in a person’s life. It is the time when the seed of happiness and prosperous future is to be sown.

2. An ideal student does not waste his time and energy on non-productive things.