10 Lines on Water

10 Lines on Water

10 Lines on Water

1. One of God’s greatest gifts to humanity on our earth is water. Without water, there will be no life.

2. All living thing needs water to survive.

3. Water covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface area in various forms.

4. We use water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and a variety of other things.

5. We get water from a variety of places, including rivers, wells, lakes, rain, and a variety of other sources.

6. Water is also required for industrial usage and for the expansion of enterprises.

7. It is used to irrigate crops or fields to produce food in agriculture, as well as to water plants in gardens or at houses.

8. Water is necessary for our daily lives, agriculture, and industry.

9. For drinking and cooking, we utilize pure and clean water.

10. Water is a vital natural resource for our survival, yet the availability of clean water is diminishing by the day, and we must conserve it for the future.

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