10 Lines on The Importance of Water

10 Lines on The Importance of Water

10 Lines on The Importance of Water

1. Life is impossible without water. Water makes life possible on our planet.

2. Water is the second most important substance on Earth after the air.

3. All the living things on earth such as humans, animals, and plants, all must need water to survive.

4. There are so many uses of water such as drinking, cleaning, bathing, cooking, etc.

5. The bulk of Water is used to make electricity.

6. Water is very important for the healthy growth of crops.

7. Drinking lots of water help to detoxify our body.

8. Water also maintains our body temperature.

9. Do not waste water because It is the saying that “saves water save a life”.

10. The wastage of water must stop and we need to save water on this earth.

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