What is Suffix? - English Comprehension by Student Tube

What is Suffix? – English Comprehension


Suffix is a group of lette that placed after a root or base word.

For Example:

Flavourless ( In this word base word is Flavour and “Less” is suffix that placed after the root word.

Examples of Suffixes

Some of the most common suffixes and their meanings are as follows:

  • -eer
    Meaning: engaged in something, associated with something
    Examples: auctioneer, volunteer, engineer, profiteer
  • -er
    Meaning: someone who performs an action
    Examples: helper, teacher, preacher, dancer
  • -ion
    Meaning: the action or process of
    Examples: celebration, opinion, decision, revision
  • -ity
    Meaning: the state or condition of
    Examples: probability, equality, abnormality, civility
  • -ment
    Meaning: the action or result of
    Examples: movement, retirement, abandonment, establishment
  • -ness
    Meaning: a state or quality
    Examples: fondness, awareness, kindness, darkness
  • -or
    Meaning: a person who is something
    Examples: distributor, investigator, translator, conductor
  • -sion
    Meaning: state or being
    Examples: depression, confusion, tension, compulsion
  • -ship
    Meaning: position held
    Examples: worship, ownership, courtship, internship
  • -th
    Meaning: state or quality
    Examples: strength, labyrinth, depth, warmth
  • -able, -ible
    Meaning: capable of being
    Examples: preventable, adaptable, predictable, credible
  • -al
    Meaning: pertaining to
    Examples: theatrical, natural, criminal, seasonal
  • -ant 
    Meaning: inclined to or tending to
    Examples: vigilant, defiant, brilliant, reliant
  • -ary
    Meaning: of or relating to
    Examples: budgetary, planetary, military, honorary
  • -ful
    Meaning: full of or notable of
    Examples: grateful, beautiful, wonderful, fanciful

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