10 Lines on Save Water

10 Lines on Save Water

10 Lines on Save Water or Save Water Save Life

1. Water is the second most important substance on Earth after the air.

2. Because of global warming, huge water depreciates on Earth.

3. Misuse of water is also the reason for the shortage of water.

4. There are so many uses benefits of water apart from drinking such as cooking, washing, cleaning, etc.

5. Like human beings plants also need water to survive and grow as well. So it is very necessary to save water.

6. In our homes, we can save water. We can use the shower in the bathroom because the shower bath takes less water than a normal bath.

7. We have to fix the minor leakages of taps and pipes at our homes because due to those leakages, a huge amount of water is being wasted every day.

8. In some parts of this world, people have to travel a long distance to collect pure drinkable water. But in other parts of earth people don’t understand the true value of water.

9. Wastage of water needs to be controlled.

10. It is the saying that “saves water save a life”.

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