10 Lines on Dog

10 Lines on Dog

10 Lines on Dog

1. The dogs have come under the control of man and it has been taken by a man and used as his friend and servant from the very long times.

2. The dogs are called man’s Best Friend. Dogs are man’s real companions.

3. This is not only because dogs are intelligent and clever than other animals.

4. Wild dogs are very ferocious. They live on just meat and kills even wolves and tigers.

5. Tamed dogs are very obedient and faithful.

6. Tamed dogs live on milk, rice, bread, and meat.

7. Dogs are intelligent and can be trained to do different kinds of work.

8. Some kinds of dogs make guard the property of their masters against their thieves.

9. Sheepdogs are very clever they can easily understand all the signs and terms employed by its master.

10. If a man treated them properly so they will become a constant friend of man in this world full of troubles and miseries.

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