10 Lines on Father's Day

10 Lines on Father’s Day

10 Lines on Father’s Day

1. Father’s Day is celebrated with pomp and ceremony all across the world. It’s a day for a very unique celebration.

2. He is the one who makes all of our goals and ambitions come true.

3. The entire family rests on a father’s shoulders.

4. He makes several sacrifices, but he never fails to support us.

5. The father is the first instructor in everyone’s life who educates us about good and evil.

6. He instills in us the values of decency and ethics.

7. The father leads us in our lives so that we make the best decisions possible.

8. Our father is a hero to us because he is the one who introduces us to life’s joys.

9. It is not enough to love and appreciate our fathers on a single day by posting about them on social media or giving them presents.

10. Every day of the year, we must be grateful for their contribution to our lives.

10 Lines on Father

Essay on My Father

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