10 Lines on Narendra Modi

10 Lines on Narendra Modi

10 Lines on Narendra Modi

1. In the year 2014, Narendra Modi was chosen as India’s 14th Prime Minister.

2. On September 17, 1950, Narendra Modi was born.

3. Mr Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014 before becoming Prime Minister.

4. Moolchand Modi was his father’s name, and Heeraben Modi was his mother’s.

5. Narendra Modi is well-known for his small start as a tea vendor at a Gujarat railway station.

6. After Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, Narendra Modi is one of India’s most popular prime ministers.

7. In India, he is regarded for making difficult decisions in the battle against corruption and terrorism.

8. Narendra Modi was re-elected Prime Minister of India in 2019 with an even larger majority than he had in 2014.

9. His is the only government in the parliament that does not face significant opposition.

10. His humble beginnings as a tea vendor have made him a popular leader in India.

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