10 Lines on My Best Teacher

10 Lines on My Best Teacher

10 Lines on My Best Teacher or the Teacher I like Most

1. Our classes are taught by five teachers. There are all good and able. They all love us, but I like Mr. Khan most. He is our English teacher.

2. Mr. Khan is a tall strong young man. He has a well-built body, his appearance is a blessing.

3. He is the ablest teacher I have ever come across. He is a gem among teachers. His qualification is B.Com B.ED.

4. He makes the lesson very interesting he is not satisfied and less every student in his class understands the lesson.

5. He likes to see us industrious. He maintains strict discipline in the class he loves his pupils very much he has great sympathy with poor boys.

6. He has good habits and a kind face. We never saw any frowns on his forehead.

7. He is a good sportsman and takes part in school games. His presence in the school playground is an inspiration for us.

8. He is a good speaker he is in charge of a school debating society. Every year he prepares boys for the literary contest.

9. He is the most popular teacher in the school all the teachers respect him the principal has much confidence in him.

10. For these and many other reasons, he is considered the best teacher.

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