10 Lines on Tree

10 Lines on Tree

10 Lines on Tree

1. Trees are an incredibly important part of the earth’s biodiversity.

2. They take carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. A human cannot survive for more than 2 minutes without oxygen.

3. There are thousands of different varieties of trees.

4. Trees help to cool the climate. They also purify the environment by absorbing poisonous gases.

5. Cotton produced by trees is used to make clothing for humans.

6. Tree provide us wood, which we use to make books, windows, and to burn.

7. Apples, mangoes, bananas, grapes, kiwis, and other fruits are produced by trees.

8. Many trees are used to make medicines that keep us safe from diseases.

9. Thousands of wildlife, including lions, tigers, deer, and monkeys, live in forests.

10. We can’t survive without trees. We should conserve trees and plant as many as possible.

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10 Lines on Importance of Trees

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