10 Lines on Cow

10 Lines on Cow

10 Lines on Cow

1. A cow is a domestic animal. It is a very friendly animal in nature.

2. Cows are one of the most innocent and harmless animals.

3. A cow is a four-footed mammal with a large body.

4. The cow has two horns, two eyes, two ears, as well as one nose and one mouth.

5. A cow is a herbivorous animal.

6. A cow provides us milk. It is a vital source of milk for mankind.

7. Cow milk keeps us healthy and strong.

8. Cow dung is also very beneficial. It can be used as a rich fertilizer.

9. Cow dung is an efficient source of fuel and biogas.

10. Cow skin is the most common type of leather. It is an extremely useful animal.

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