10 Lines on Save Trees

10 Lines on Save Trees

10 Lines on Save Trees

1. The slogan “Save Trees” is used to encourage people to conserve trees in their neighborhoods.

2. Like food and water, trees are also essential to human life.

3. Because there will be no life on Earth if there are no trees, it is essential that we save trees.

4. Trees provide us oxygen while also absorb carbon dioxide.

5. By avoiding soil erosion, trees also help to enhance rainfall and flood protection.

6 .Trees also provide humans timber, medicines, bird habitat, and animal shelter, etc.

7. They also host a diverse range of living forms by containing an entire ecosystem within them.

8. The Save Trees campaign raises awareness about the value of trees in our lives.

9. To encourage reforestation and tree planting, marches, processions, and campaigns are held.

10. A large number of people assemble to support tree-saving efforts and to encourage others to plant trees in their neighborhoods.

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