10 Lines on Cricket

10 Lines on Cricket

10 Lines on Cricket

1. My favorite game is cricket.

2. Cricket is a game played with bat and ball.

3. This game is played between groups of two players.

4. This game played with 11 players on each side of the two teams.

5. The person who hits the ball is called the “Batsman”, a person who bowls is called “Bowler”.

6. Before starting the game a coin is tossed, winner of the toss decides either to bowl or bat first.

7. Two judges stand on the field; they are called “Umpires”.

8. There are many types of cricket like One Day, Test Match, and T20.

9. This is considered a “royal game” when the cricket game was started.

10. Whomever team scores the most runs in this game is declared victorious.

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