10 Lines on My Neighbor

10 Lines on My Neighbor

10 Lines on My Neighbor

1. I have many neighbors but the best among them is the one who lives on my left he is a doctor by profession.

2. He is always polite and courteous. He is the father of an amazing family.

3. His wife is a very cultured and civilized lady. One of his sons is of my age is my best friend.

4. In spite of their wealth and status, they are not at all proud.

5. My neighbors share joys and sorrows of their neighbors. He has full of sympathy for everyone.

6. He is always very helpful to me whenever I have had any trouble.

7. He never charged any fees for attending any patient in the locality.

8. He never makes a distinction between their patients.

9. If there is an emergency case he does not hesitate to get up in the middle of the night.

10. Because of these qualities, I admire him a lot and everyone in the locality is full of praise for him.

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