10 Lines on Holy Quran

10 Lines on Holy Quran

10 Lines on Holy Quran

1. The Muslims’ sacred book is the Holy Quran. It is so flawless and majestic that neither mankind nor jinn can write a verse that is even close to it.

2. It is a book that was not authored by a person. It was provided by Allah Almighty for Man’s instruction via our Last Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

3. There are 30 ‘Paras’ and 114 ‘Surahs’ in the Holy Quran. 86 ‘Surahs’ were revealed in Makkah and 28 in Madinah, out of a total of 114.

4. The Holy Quran is made up of 6,666 verses, 77, 797 words, and 330, 709 Arabic letters.

5. Muslims regard the first chapter of the Quran in very high regard. It’s known as ‘Surah Fateh.’ There are seven verses in all. we recite this surah in our prayers.

6. The Holy Quran has a full life code. It covers every aspect of life in great depth.

7. It teaches us what is right and wrong. It instills in us values such as truth, nonviolence, love, patience, and compassion, among others.

8. It also instills in us a sense of neighborly love and self-sacrifice.

9. The book was not delivered to the Arabs alone, but to everyone in the world, regardless of race, creed, or caste.

10. It is a heavenly sacred book for human beings’ spiritual, social, and personal instruction.

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