10 Lines on Neighborhood

Best 10 Lines on Neighbourhood

10 Lines on Neighbourhood

1. My neighbour’s name is Mr Khan. He is a doctor.

2. He is very polite and offers me, sweets, whenever I visit his house.

3. He always has a beautiful smile on his face. He is a very punctual and hardworking man.

4. He every evening goes for walks and also plays football.

5. He is married, has a little girl and a pet dog.

6. His wife is a professor. She makes delightful apple pie and sends some to our house too.

7. Their little girl is a good friend of mine. We play together after school.

8. All of us have been to many picnics together. The last time, we went to a zoo and had a very good time.

9. We invite each other on birthdays and other special occasions. They are like a part of our family.

10. Our families help each other in times of difficulties. We are fortunate to have a good neighbourhood.

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