10 Lines on Biodiversity

10 Lines on Biodiversity

10 Lines on Biodiversity

1. The meaning of Biodiversity is the presence of different species of animals and plants on the earth.

2. It plays a major role in maintaining the balance of the earth.

3. There are different types of biodiversity named genetic diversity, species diversity and ecological diversity.

4. Many species of animals and plants are dependent on each other. Therefore if one of them gets lost, the others will start getting endangered too.

5. Human survival also depends on plants and animals.

6. The growing population, industrialization, and technology are impacting biodiversity.

7. Increasing human activities are reducing the natural area for plants and animals.

8. A number of plants and animals have gone lost because of increased deforestation and other factors.

9. Growing pollution, cause global warming and climate change and it is a big threat to biodiversity.

10. If the earth does not give us this favourable environment then we cannot grow any crops and As a result, it will no longer be possible for us to live on this planet.

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