10 Lines on Autumn Season

10 Lines on Autumn Season

10 Lines on Autumn Season

1. The autumn season arrives after the rainy season and before winter.

2. Autumn season is also known as a fall.

3. This season comes with fun cooler weather, festive and fun foods.

4. In this season leaves turn into beautiful hues of orange, red and gold colour.

5. Pumpkins flavours are found everywhere in this season such as pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie, pumpkin coffees, and spiced teas.

6. After the hot summers, this season brings relief as it starts to cool down the climate.

7. There are some Losses of the autumn season are like Restricted hours of sunlight and endless rain.

8. Allergies are one of the losses autumn season brings.

9. The autumn season is also called as the season of grief because it touches the lungs and also brings tears and cough

10. But most of the people are happy because after this winters are coming

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