Importance of sports and games in students life

Importance of sports and games in students life

Being involved in sports gives you confidence, boosts your self-esteem, and develops mental alertness.

That time passed where exam grades were of the major concern and there was less focus on extracurricular activities or personal development. A drastic change has been seen in the education system over time and more focus is now placed on the complete development of students. Now schools are centering sports, games, and extra-curricular along with academics to bring all-rounders qualities in students.

Sports and games should be an integral part of student life. The education system is also responsible for building character. Sports help in building your child’s character along with keeping them fit and healthy.

Participating in sports and games accelerates physical and mental growth. It teaches us a variety of things. It brings sportsman spirit and courage to deal with your losses as well. We get to learn how to act in difficult times of despair.

There should be a strong focus on the importance of sports and games in schools. A child should learn these skills from an early developmental stage. One can practice and polish team skills, social skills, and being patient through sports. A sense of friendliness also generates through it. Students involved in sports seem to be much more active, confident, disciplined, and focused throughout their academics rather than being shy, dull, and boring like those who don’t play.


WHO (world health organization) stated in 2010:

Certain things influence human health, 21 % by ecological surroundings, 21 % by genetics, 8 % by the quality of health care, and largely influenced by the lifestyle that is 50 %.

Regarding this, one should work on their lifestyle to lead a healthy and cheerful life. In this perspective, physical activity is considered very important for every individual at every stage of life. Students can lead a healthy life and maintain a healthy lifestyle by participating in sports activities in their schools or colleges. Teachers should emphasize the importance of sports for students.

There are numerous benefits for students who actively participate in sports activities. Though best of them are:

Top reasons for the importance of sports in student’s life

1-Well-being and fitness:

 A student can enhance his physical and mental health by participating in sports. Healthy competition is always encouraged between teams so that the student becomes active and fit without getting jealous of others. Outdoors and indoors both are important in their way. Outdoors help in keeping the body active and mind engaged. Football, tennis, cricket, and swimming are some of them. Whereas indoors improve the brain concentration levels. Badminton, chess and table tennis can do it well.

Obvious changes can be observed in energy levels as a physical activity makes your body habitual of intense body movement and thus resulting in increased stamina.

 2-Enhance self-esteem and confidence:

 A lot of things happen around the sports ground that gives the player student encouragement and feeling of appreciation. This appreciation makes their self-esteem go high. Hitting an hour or six in cricket, scoring a goal in football, or winning any game gives more confidence to a sportsman.

Motivation hits you hard when you get words of appreciation from someone and your dear people praise you. A feeling of acceptance is generated and other insecurities can be avoided by keeping yourself busy with something you love which gets praised too by society.

3-Develop and improve teamwork ability and leadership:

 Teamwork is the key to any sports. Team-based sports like football, basketball, and cricket are more preferred to build this skill. These games bring a sense of individuality and belonging to a group.

These games provide students an opportunity to display their talent and their communication skill is also improved when they have to talk to their team members on a daily basis. It helps them to discover a leader in themselves which makes their personalities stand out.

3-Develop and improve teamwork ability and leadership:

 4-Introduce students with like skills at an early age:

 It not only develops physical and mental strength, it also brings all the necessary developmental skills which are responsible for polishing a student’s personality. They are in a better state to understand themselves and their capabilities of doing things. This creates a positive attitude and they try to think about everything with positivity

 Social and communication skills can also be seen in those students who are active in sports. They never hesitate to communicate with others like they have to do daily interactions with coaches, teachers, seniors, and their team members. They get strong in making their own decisions and get the courage to stick to what they have decided is good for them.


One has to be disciplined if wants to get success in sports. The student has to be obedient and follow all the instructions given by his or her coach. Sportsmen can learn time management skills in a while.

Screen time has increased a lot at this time. Currently, schools are giving online lectures which make students sit before screens for hours. This is something which can not be avoided but they spend hours playing video games and this could be avoided and should be replaced by physical activities. it makes us children lazy to go out and less active. Playing outdoors is not as common as it used to be in the past. Sports and outdoor activities should be encouraged to keep them active and avoid being more on your iPad, phones, and laptop screens.

6-Career and passion:

Those who are good at sports and love doing it, adopt it as a full-time career for themselves. Practicing sports at your school and college level will create a passion for you to become an athlete in the future. After becoming an athlete, you can continue becoming a coach and giving training in schools. There are a lot of career opportunities in this field but specifically in those countries where the sport is equally important along with academics like the United States, China, Russia, Australia, Germany, and Great Britain. 

Importance of sports and games in students life in Covide-19

In this year of 2020 Covid-19 has created a lot of disturbance. There is a lockdown for certain days after a few days and this pattern is on repeat since February 2020. Everyone is forced to live in their homes, offices are carrying themselves through work for home and education is completely online-based for everyone. It is very difficult in this pandemic to keep your child busy and stress-free when he or she cannot go out and socialize. Parents keep looking for ways to keep their children busy and playing. Sports and indoor games can do wonders in this regard.


Passing time in this lockdown can become easy if we once again play the games that we used to play in our childhood. Some specific games can be played indoors with your own family to kill time and have fun too. These are:

1-Hide and seek

It was the most fun game we used to play. It gave us the ultimate thrill back in time. It’s time for reviving the old. It’s all your choice where you want to hide, inside the cupboard, under the bed or behind the curtains.

2-Stone paper scissors

Growing up with this hand gesture game was quite amusing. You can play it with the basics that paper can cover up the stone, the stone is hard enough to break scissors, and the sharpness of scissors can cut the paper.

3-Board games

Still, some of the board games are played in Pakistan and other countries as well. Ludo, chess, scrabble, Pictionary, and cards are some of the old ones that are still being played. Though with time there are numerous new options as well like sequence, taboo, etc.


Sports is something that should live forever. Besides this it is very important for maintaining fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Practicing and training in schools are very important for students in terms of mental health and fitness. Moreover, it is needed to inspire youth to adopt it as a career to keep it alive.


There are many ways through which schools can boost participation in sports:

Ø  Physical activities in classes: there should be 10-15 minutes of physical activity before commencing classes. Once a week there should be a period of sports or games activity.

Ø  Celebrating sports day: every school should practice celebrating sports day once a year. Students should be advised to actively participate and explore their area of interest.

Ø  Programs related to sports education: such programs should be initiated and there should be practical assessment sort of things to motivate students.

Ø  Make students responsible for the functioning of the sports club: students should be allowed to design their club activities considering how they think about fitness activities, according to their likings. A sense of accountability, responsibility, and feeling of fulfillment can be achieved this way.

Ø  Matches should be conducted on intercity and national level to boost their confidence.

Sports and games are a vital part of a student’s life. It is important to keep them healthy and fit. It increases mental capabilities and helps them to perform well at school. Obsession for good grades should be accompanied by active participation in sports. Parents should completely encourage this idea and motivate them to be part of it. Keep playing and enjoy student life to the fullest.

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