10 Lines on Brain Drain or Human Capital Flight.

10 Lines on Brain Drain

10 Lines on Brain Drain or Human Capital Flight.

1. Brain Drain refers to the migration of a number of high-level educated people.

2. This phenomenon is also called human capital flight.

3. The reason for brain drain may be disruption within a nation, high pay and a better standard of living in other countries.

4. The brain drain among women is much more than men. The women’s brain drain is very crucial and affects the home countries.

5. There are some disadvantages of the brain drain to the home country because the educated and skilled workers have left the home countries to find better opportunities in other countries.

6. The other countries where they migrate enjoy lots of benefits.

7. The immigrants produce and transfer a higher quality of knowledge and outputs, leading to an improved nation and economic conditions.

8. There are also some advantages of brain drain for home countries. Immigrants send back home their funds and money.

9. The home country enjoys international networking and it also decreases the unemployment level.

10. It also improves the quality of human resources and the availability of alternative investment resources.

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