10 Lines on Good Habit

10 Lines on Good Habit

10 Lines on Good Habit

1. Going to bed on time and getting up before sunrise.

2. Brushing your teeth after waking up and before going to bed is another good habit.

3. Eating healthy food like vegetable, fruit, grains etc and avoiding junk food is also a good habit.

4. Keeping the area clean in which we live. Cleanliness is also a good habit.

5. Our parents are the one who is making money. We are not supposed to waste it. We should learn to save our pocket money and also try to purchase things that are useful.

6. We should respect others.

7. We should have the courtesy to say ‘Please, Thank You and Sorry’, in the desired occasions.

8. One of the best good habits is sharing your things with others.

9. Always being honest and be on time is another good habit.

10. We have to practice not to litter in public.

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