10 lines on Bhagat Singh

10 lines on Bhagat Singh

10 lines on Bhagat Singh

1. Bhagat Singh was born at Banga village, Lyallpur District, Punjab, on September 28, 1907.

2. Bhagat Singh was one of his motherland’s finest sons.

3. He displayed great bravery and courageous actions, challenging the foundations of British control.

4. He said that marriage would prevent him from serving his homeland.

5. After seeing India’s degradation under British rule, Bhagat Singh became agitated.

6. In April 1929, Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Datt distributed flyers in the Central Assembly protesting the British’s harsh policies.

7. He also permitted the authorities to arrest him in order to send a strong message to the population about the British rule’s harsh policies.

8. The British rule was shaken by Bhagat Singh’s rising popularity, and he was sentenced to die immediately.

9. The day Bhagat Singh was hung and sacrificed for our nation was March 23, 1931.

10. This 23-year-old man’s sacrifice is a source of inspiration for today’s young, and his beliefs are still true today.

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