10 Lines on My Family or My Home

10 Lines on My Family

10 Lines on My Family or My Home

1. My name is Ali. I am 12 years old.

2. In my family, there are 8 members. I have three brothers and two sisters younger than myself while two sisters and one brother are my elders.

3. We live in a big house. It has three rooms on the ground floor and three rooms on the first floor.

4. My elder brother is a final year student of the Sindh Medical College. My elder sister is very sweet and affectionate.

5. If I am ever in difficulty my brother and sisters always help me.

6. I also help my younger brother and sister in their studies.

7. My father is a college teacher. My father takes great care of all of us also take interest in our studies if any one of us falls sick he is always at his bedside.

8. My mother is very sweet. She has much love and pity for each of us.

9. We have got some neighbors. They are very kind, loving and helpful.

10. We live a very regular and disciplined life. Our home is very sweet because each member has deep love and affection for one another.

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