10 Lines on Knowledge is Power

10 Lines on Knowledge is Power

10 Lines on Knowledge is Power

1. Knowledge is power if it is used for human welfare.

2. The man who knows that someone does not know has an advantage over the man.

3. In the earliest history, the east dominated because of their superior knowledge.

4. South Asia remained under British control for more than a century it was their superior knowledge.

5. Lord Tennyson has rightly said knowledge comes but wisdom lingers.

6. We should use our knowledge with wisdom.

7. If we do not apply wisdom in the use of the knowledge we shall miserably fail to achieve the desired object.

8. Such as atomic power can be employed both for destructive and useful purposes.

9. The effects of bad use of knowledge are Miseries and crimes

10. Man’s superior knowledge and intelligence that makes him master of creatures.

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