PSI Full Form – What Does PSI Stand For

PSI Full Form – What Does PSI Stand For?

PSI Full Form – What Does PSI Stand For?

The short answer is that the full form of PSI or PSI stands for “Pound per Square Inch”.

In detail, the full form of PSI or PSI stands for Pound per Square Inch. One PSI is equal to the pressure which is exerted when one pound-force is applied to an area of one square inch.

It is a US customary and imperial unit of pressure. A pound per square inch is sometimes also referred to as a pound-force per square inch. 1 pound per square inch can be written as 1 psi.

PSI can be expressed using the formula:

1 psi = 1 * (lbf)/(in)2

Pressure in pounds per square inch is equal to the pound-force divided by the area in square inches. So, PSI is the measurement of the force that applies to one square inch area.

Uses Of PSI

It is used to measure pressure in industrial and technical fields where gauge pressure measurements are needed. Pounds per square inch also used for things as simple as measuring tire pressure.

How to calculate pounds per square inch or PSI?

Pounds per square inch (PSI) is calculated from taking the total pound-force and dividing it by the area in inches squared.

How to Convert Pounds Per Square Inch to Pounds Per Square Foot?

To convert a pound per square inch measurement to a pound per square foot measurement, multiply the pressure by the conversion ratio. One pound per square inch is equal to 144 pounds per square foot, so use this simple formula to convert: pounds per square foot = pounds per square inch × 144

The pressure in pounds per square foot is equal to the pounds per square inch multiplied by 144.

For Example:

How to convert 5 pounds per square inch to pounds per square foot?

Byusing the formula above

5 psi = (5 × 144) = 720 psf

Pounds Per Square Inch Measurement Conversion Tables

pounds per square inchpascalshectopascalsatmospheres
1 psi6,895 Pa68.9475 hPa0.068046 atm
2 psi13,790 Pa137.895 hPa0.136092 atm
3 psi20,684 Pa206.8425 hPa0.204138 atm
4 psi27,579 Pa275.79 hPa0.272184 atm
5 psi34,474 Pa344.7375 hPa0.340229 atm
6 psi41,369 Pa413.685 hPa0.408275 atm
7 psi48,263 Pa482.6325 hPa0.476321 atm
8 psi55,158 Pa551.58 hPa0.544367 atm
9 psi62,053 Pa620.5275 hPa0.612413 atm
10 psi68,948 Pa689.475 hPa0.680459 atm
11 psi75,842 Pa758.4225 hPa0.748505 atm
12 psi82,737 Pa827.37 hPa0.816551 atm
13 psi89,632 Pa896.3175 hPa0.884597 atm
14 psi96,527 Pa965.265 hPa0.952642 atm
15 psi103,421 Pa1,034 hPa1.020688 atm
16 psi110,316 Pa1,103 hPa1.088734 atm
17 psi117,211 Pa1,172 hPa1.15678 atm
18 psi124,106 Pa1,241 hPa1.224826 atm
19 psi131,000 Pa1,310 hPa1.292872 atm
20 psi137,895 Pa1,379 hPa1.360918 atm
pounds per square inchbarsmillibarskilograms per square centimeter
1 psi0.068948 bar68.9475 mbar0.070307 kgf/cm²
2 psi0.137895 bar137.895 mbar0.140614 kgf/cm²
3 psi0.206843 bar206.8425 mbar0.210921 kgf/cm²
4 psi0.27579 bar275.79 mbar0.281228 kgf/cm²
5 psi0.344738 bar344.7375 mbar0.351534 kgf/cm²
6 psi0.413685 bar413.685 mbar0.421841 kgf/cm²
7 psi0.482633 bar482.6325 mbar0.492148 kgf/cm²
8 psi0.55158 bar551.58 mbar0.562455 kgf/cm²
9 psi0.620528 bar620.5275 mbar0.632762 kgf/cm²
10 psi0.689475 bar689.475 mbar0.703069 kgf/cm²
11 psi0.758423 bar758.4225 mbar0.773376 kgf/cm²
12 psi0.82737 bar827.37 mbar0.843683 kgf/cm²
13 psi0.896318 bar896.3175 mbar0.913989 kgf/cm²
14 psi0.965265 bar965.265 mbar0.984296 kgf/cm²
15 psi1.034213 bar1,034 mbar1.054603 kgf/cm²
16 psi1.10316 bar1,103 mbar1.12491 kgf/cm²
17 psi1.172108 bar1,172 mbar1.195217 kgf/cm²
18 psi1.241055 bar1,241 mbar1.265524 kgf/cm²
19 psi1.310003 bar1,310 mbar1.335831 kgf/cm²
20 psi1.37895 bar1,379 mbar1.406138 kgf/cm²
pounds per square inchkilograms per square meterpounds per square foottorr
1 psi703.068836 kgf/m²144 psf51.714878 Torr
2 psi1,406 kgf/m²288 psf103.429756 Torr
3 psi2,109 kgf/m²432 psf155.144634 Torr
4 psi2,812 kgf/m²576 psf206.859511 Torr
5 psi3,515 kgf/m²720 psf258.574389 Torr
6 psi4,218 kgf/m²864 psf310.289267 Torr
7 psi4,921 kgf/m²1,008 psf362.004145 Torr
8 psi5,625 kgf/m²1,152 psf413.719023 Torr
9 psi6,328 kgf/m²1,296 psf465.433901 Torr
10 psi7,031 kgf/m²1,440 psf517.148779 Torr
11 psi7,734 kgf/m²1,584 psf568.863657 Torr
12 psi8,437 kgf/m²1,728 psf620.578534 Torr
13 psi9,140 kgf/m²1,872 psf672.293412 Torr
14 psi9,843 kgf/m²2,016 psf724.00829 Torr
15 psi10,546 kgf/m²2,160 psf775.723168 Torr
16 psi11,249 kgf/m²2,304 psf827.438046 Torr
17 psi11,952 kgf/m²2,448 psf879.152924 Torr
18 psi12,655 kgf/m²2,592 psf930.867802 Torr
19 psi13,358 kgf/m²2,736 psf982.582679 Torr
20 psi14,061 kgf/m²2,880 psf1,034 Torr

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