10 Lines on Kho Kho Game

10 Lines on Kho Kho Game

10 Lines on Kho Kho Game

1. Kho Kho is a traditional game which is mostly played in Pakistan and India.

2. The ground of this game is rectangular.

3. Each kho-kho team consists of 12 players.

4. The game consists of two innings.

5. In each inning, both teams get seven minutes for chasing and seven for defending.

6. Eight members of the chasing team sit in eight squares, they face alternating in the direction.

7. The ninth member of the team is the active chaser. He “knocks out” an opponent by touching that person with the hand.

8. The defenders or runner try to play out the seven minutes and avoiding being touched by the chaser while not moving out of the field’s boundaries.

9. This game improves mental ability.

10. It also develops leadership quality in a person.

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