10 Lines on My Best Friend

10 Lines on My Best Friend in English

10 Lines on My Best Friend in English

1. I have several friends at school, but the best among them is Sohail. He is my class fellow. Sohail comes off a very respectable family he is of my age.

2. He has a very fair color, curly hair, milk teeth and a pair of beautiful eyes.

3. I never found him rude at all. He is a frank and honest boy. He never tells a lie. Sohail does not feel jealous of anybody.

4. He has a sportsman spirit he helps the weak students in their lessons.

5. He is neat and clean in his dress. He likes wearing a white shirt and pants and black shoes. His clothes are always costly but never showing.

6. In school, he sits on the same desk with me. We spend lots of time together. We study together and we play together.

7. Sohail is very good at his lessons he never neglects the studies. In the last examination, he got the second position in the class

8. He never quarrels with anyone in the school or outside.

9. Sohail helps out their parents in the house. He loves hard work and honest labor.

10. Sohail is a boy of excellent moral character. I cannot find more friends than Sohail.

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