10 Lines on My College

10 Lines on My College

10 Lines on My College

1. My college’s name is Quaid-e-Azam College. It is now a nationalized government college.

2. The college building is double storied, consisting of one large auditorium, 24 classrooms, principal’s office, staff room, and office rooms.

3. Each room is commodious well-lighted, and well ventilated. The furniture is simple. It consists of chairs, tables, and desks.

4. It is a degree college with faculties in commerce, arts, and science.

5. Our Science labs are fully equipped. We also have a library. There are books nearly on all descriptions.

6. There are about 50 lecturers and professors. They are all highly qualified. They all work hard in teaching.

7. Our college’s principal is an outstanding educator. He is very particular about discipline.

8. The best thing in college is the excellent arrangement of games, debate, and other extracurricular activities.

9. Every year, the college has two NCC units linked to it. A large number of students get military training.

10. Our college is one of the best of our colleges in Karachi. It is proud of its promising students, and the students are the power of the year college. I love it dearly.

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