10 Lines on Right to Education

10 Lines on Right to Education

10 Lines on Right to Education

1. The right to education meaning is that the State should make sufficient provision for educating its citizens.

2. Many children are underprivileged of educational rights cause of poverty.

3. Today education is a very powerful tool. It helps socially and economically marginalized people to lift themselves from poverty.

4. We need to develop this right and have to train the education trainer for quality education.

5. Education is essential in everyone’s life. It helps to make sense; it also affects the mind and changes the character of a man.

6. It plays a vital role to shape our future as a successful man in life and as a responsible citizen in society.

7. Right to Education is everyone’s inherent right. Education helps to change lifestyle.

8. Education shall be free and compulsory at least in the primary stages. It helps to develop a human personality.

9. In human rights to education, the government has some obligations as respect to their human right.

10. To the fulfillment of the right to education, we have to fulfill the 4 A’s that are availability, accessibility, acceptability, and adaptability.

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