IAS Full Form – What Does IAS stand For

IAS Full Form – What Does IAS Stand For?

IAS Full Form – What Does IAS Stand For?

The full form of IAS is the “Indian Administrative Service”.

In detail, the full form of IAS or IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. It is also known as the Imperial Civil Service. It is the Civil Services Examination and one of the tough competitive exams in India. The exam is controlled by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

The aim of this exam is the recruitment of officers for the All India Administrative Civil Service. It is the top and most prestigious administrative civil service of the Government of India. The IAS officers hold the positions in Union government and the public sector.

What is the Qualification for IAS?

The applicant must have a degree from a government-recognized university or an equivalent qualification to take the UPSC exam. Candidates in their final year or awaiting results are now eligible to take the UPSC preliminary examination.

What IAS Officer Do?

The role of an IAS officer comprises policymaking and advising ministries on a variety of subjects, upholding law and order, supervising the implementation of policies of the State and Central Governments, gathering taxes and acting as judges in revenue affairs, and monitoring the spending of public funds.

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