What is Motion and Types of Motion

What is Motion and Types of Motion

What is Motion and Types of Motion

What is Motion in Physics?

“A body is said to be in the state of motion, if it changes its position with respect to its surroundings.”

Example of Motion:

Suppose the bus starts moving toward or away from you in such a way that the position of the bus with respect to you changes continuously, then the bus is said to be in a state of motion.

3 Types Of Motion

There are many types of motion, but the most common types are given below:

(1) Transitory or Linear Motion

Linear motion is also called transitory motion. In this type of motion, a body moves in a straight or curved path. Every particle in the body is being displaced by the same amount. The motion of a car on a flat road, the motion of a motorbike on a circular road, and the motion of a cricket ball hit for a sixer are all examples of transitory motion.

Transitory or Linear Motion
Example of Transitory or Linear Motion

(2) Rotatory Motion

If a body spins or rotates about a fixed point or axis, its motion is called rotatory motion. The rotation of the earth about its own axis, the wheels of a moving car, and the blades of a moving electric fan are a few examples of rotational motion. The motion of every particle of the blades of the fan is a circular motion.

Rotatory Motion
Example of Rotatory Motion

(3) Vibratory or Oscillatory Motion

Consider a block which is suspended from a rigid support by means of a spring.

When the block is pulled in the downward direction (within the elastic limit)’ and released, it starts moving up and down about its mean position. This type of motion is known as a Vibratory’ or an oscillatory motion.

If a pendulum is displaced from its rest position and released then it describes to and fro motion. This is another example of Vibratory motion.

Vibratory or Oscillatory Motion
Example of Vibratory or Oscillatory Motion

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