10 Lines on Junk Food

10 Lines on Junk Food

10 Lines on Junk Food

1. Junk food is very bad for health.

2. Junk foods have very low or zero nutritional value.

3. Junk food does not help much in the growth of our mind and body.

4. They are high in calories.

5. Junks foods generally consist of pre-cooked or pre-processed meals.

6. Junk food can be cooked within minutes or also available in ready to eat format.

7. Ice-cream, French fries, and burgers are very popular junk foods.

8. We can eat junk food occasionally but the quantity should be moderate.

9. We should cook healthy food in our homes.

10. It is very important to create awareness of the bad impact of junk foods on our health.

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