10 Lines on Child Labor

10 Lines on Child Labor

10 Lines on Child Labor

1. The meaning of child Labor is to indulge the children in arduous labor which affects their physical and mental development.

2. In other words, any work that snatches away the dignity, potential and the childhood of a child is called child labor.

3. Child labor is a bane to any country because It is a very shameful practice

4. There are so many causes of child labor. Children are forced to do child labor because of poverty and financial problems in their family.

5. Many owners accept child labors because they only need a less amount as salary.

6. Lack of awareness is one of the main reasons and parents allow their children to do such jobs.

7. Children are meant to be enjoying their childhood and are allowed to educate at an early age.

8. There are so many schemes from the government to reduce such child labor.
To stop this crime, strict implementation of work laws required.

9. It is the time to eliminate child labor from our society and punishes those people who have been continuing the evil practice.

10. It is the time to end this continuous harassment faced by our kids and help them to have a bright future not only for themselves for the nation as well.

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